Anna Dresdon

Through structured exercises, improvisations, homework and critique, Movement & Gesture for the Actor offers you a vast array of powerful communication techniques.

Precise gesture
Immediate impact
Strong movement
Clear image
Commanding presence

Measurable accomplishments and lots of fun are the objectives for each two-hour class.

Personal body language will be examined and interpreted with a view toward extending the range and reach of each individual. The course includes mask work and the specialized skills and adaptations required for strong, articulate characterization. Mime and Pantomime will be explored in terms of historical and contemporary value to the actor. Text, props, sets, sound and costume will be used wherever they support the process.

Final classes will focus on the creation and effective presentation of original material suitable for auditions and other self-contained performance.

Anna Dresdon
(formerly Havre von Lambach)

Anna Dresdon received her theatrical training in New York at The American Mime Theatre, The American Academy of Dramatic Arts and the Herbert Bergoff Studios. On the West Coast, she studied with Stella Adler and Viola Spolin, then went on to specialize in mime with the legendary Marcel Marceau and Jean-Louis Barrault in Paris. Ms. Dresdon was honored with the Western States Individual Choreographer's Award and has more than twenty years of experience teaching and performing.

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