Anna Dresdon Movement and Gesture for the Actor

"California Suite"

"Anna Dresdon is perfect as Academy Award nominee Diana Nichols, obsessed with her appearance and wanting desperately to be a winner. Her barbs are cutting, but the exposition of love at the end is both tender and painfully moving. This is quality entertainment."

—Polly Brandenburg, Los Angeles Times

"Underneath the tragi-comedy are very human people. The polished acting of Anna Dresdon as the actress who failed to get her Oscar gives a superlative interpretation infusing bitter humor with deep understanding."

—Lois Dean, LA Weekly

"Dame Edith"

"The finest scene in the play, a backstage conversation between Dame Edith and Marilyn Monroe, gains immeasurably from the superior impersonation of the late actress by Anna Dresdon."

—Trevor Thomas, Stage Beat

"Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant"

"Anna Dresdon gives us a neat fat-cat Gabor look and offers up a razor-sharp portrait of Petra's shallow companion."

—Jay Reiner, L. A. Herald Examiner

"To Make a Meaning"

"Anna Dresdon was superb. Her performance was alive and captivating...she was wise, witty, profound and very funny. Especially enjoyable was her deft Noel Coward touch."

—Edwin Krauser, Ph.D., ABPP, events chairman
Psychotherapy Association of California

"Addiction From The Inside Out"

"The dramatic presentation by Anna Dresdon was overwhelmingly powerful. As a performer and a writer, she is unique."

—Christine Blalock, Events Review
American Medical International, Inc.

"Religion In A Bag"

"The strongest performance of the evening was Anna Dresdon's journey into Paganism. With wit and much good humor, this gal zips from wacky New Age cult experiences to conventional religions and finally to more somber vignettes about loss and beloved paced and most successful."

—Sandra Ross, LA Weekly Calendar

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